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About us

Built in 1739, the former factory has evolved to become Friars Mill.

LocalGo is a travel benefits scheme managed and run by specialist transport consultancy Go Travel Solutions. The scheme offers a range of travel discounts and services to help make travel cheaper and easier for residents and individuals or groups within local communities. This is achieved through providing individuals (once logged in), access to discounts and incentives to help make travel cheaper, easier and healthier. The package of incentives includes cheaper car hire, enhanced savings on electric vehicles, ways to cut the cost of cycling and more.

Go Travel Solutions, can provide additional transport consultancy services e.g. travel plans, in-house roadshows, travel surveys, business travel reviews and much more.

Our vision

To be recognised nationally as the brand leader in sustainable travel for workplaces and residential communities. This is within the context of sustainable travel being recognised more as a default way of thinking for workplaces and residential communities within the UK.


To reduce carbon impact through how the enterprise operates and in the solutions it provides to clients and partners
Health and social well-being
To provide transport solutions which enhance social well-being and motivate greater physical activity
Economic activity
To support local communities through enhancing transport connectivity for access to employment and leisure opportunities

Our values

Profit, people and planet
To generate profit, in tandem with benefiting people (both our own staff and the communities with which we engage) and the wider planet
Walking the talk
Demonstrate credibility in how we behave and a clear commitment to provide added value for our customers
Customer focus
To deliver outstanding customer service and expertise, reflecting passion and an appreciation of the customer perspective

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