10% OFF Cycle Storage

Cyclepods and their sister company, Cycleracks, are offering LocalGo members 10% of all their products! Cyclepods is all about bikes and cyclists. Their total focus is on helping cyclists feel more confident that their bikes are being held securely, and safely, in locations which fit with their travel and commuting plans.

Cyclepods – Specialises in innovative products and services, designed specifically to address particular needs. Bike storage, cycling infrastructure tools and state-of-the-art hubs are all part of the Cyclepods portfolio. With an in-house design team, dedicated installation team and full project management services, we can take care of every step of your project no matter how large or small. Visit www.cyclepods.co.uk.

CycleRacks – While innovation and progression is important to us, we haven’t forgotten the role which low-cost, traditional solutions can play. This is where you will find a full range of those options to suit every budget. Wall hangers, lockers, racks and stands are all available to buy through our Cycleracks.co website, as well as larger products such as shelters and two-tier systems. Visit www.cycleracks.co.

Cycle Hangar - Upon purchasing a Cycle Hangar, members can get 2 optional extras from the following options:

The digipad lock (RRP - £150).

Colour for Powder Coating the hangar (RRP - £200).

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