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Why become a scheme sponsor?

LocalGO is a national scheme providing discounted travel for local communities, helping scheme sponsors, residents  and individuals incentivise low-carbon transport and save on the cost of travel.

Offers are available on buses, trains, bikes, electric vehicles and more, all accessed through the online portal, producing benefits for both scheme sponsors and individuals. 

LocalGO can be used in a variety of ways. Here are some examples:

  • To encourage residents of a new or existing residential development to use sustainable forms of travel.
  • To support commuters travelling to rail stations to use sustainable forms of travel.
  • To help reduce commuting to school by car and encourage more travelling by bike, bus and walking.
  • To support job seekers in using the local transport networks and accessing employment.

If you would like a scheme promoting sustainable travel within the workplace, visit our workplace travel package website on:

Offers include:


EO Charging

50 Cycles




Benefits for Scheme Sponsors

Managing Parking Demand

Through initiatives to reduce single car occupancy such as journey sharing and promotion of walking and cycling.

Support legal requirements

Helping developers and other parties meet legal requirements e.g. section 106 agreement, rail franchise commitments.   

Increase product value

By offering added value to a product or service e.g. housing developer using LocalGo to increase the value of houses being sold.

Deliver carbon reduction

By providing tools to reduce carbon emissions from all forms of travel.

Enhance business brand

Through support for a low carbon initiative and by gaining profile through being a LocalGo member.

Benefits for Residents

Cost savings

A range of promotions and discounts are available from local and national transport operators.

Health and wellbeing

Boosting opportunities for regular exercise through cycling and walking.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Options to help you to decrease the contribution that your form of travel makes to the environment.

The Package

The cost of LocalGO is based on the number of individuals/ households who would have access to the scheme. The scheme could be any form of local community e.g. new housing development or commuters to a school. The scheme cost is based on the number of individuals/ households. The larger the scheme, the cost per household/individual decreases, through being able to offer economies of scale. Get in touch for details on pricing.

As part of the base package, scheme sponsors will be provided with:

(Base package starts at £1 per individual per year or from £2 per household per year, for access to the existing national LocalGO travel offers and the online engagement platform with monitoring for scheme sponsors).

  • The ability to view activity levels on the scheme i.e. individuals/ residents signing up and taking up travel offers. This will assist with the monitoring and evaluation of LocalGO.

  • A selection of travel discounts, many available across the UK, typically offering savings of 10 - 20%.

  • Electronic flyer to promote offers to residents/ individuals within a scheme.

  • Online platform offering easy and secure access for residents/ individuals to access their exclusive discounts.

At an additional cost, to enhance engagement with LocalGO, its effectiveness and the benefits, the following are offered:

  • Creation of online travel information portal for scheme e.g. journey planner, links to local travel services.

  • Online travel survey for residents and communities, with the option of limiting access to LocalGO discounts only after completing the online survey.

  • Adding in additional local discounts to further incentivise sustainable travel options.

  • Provision of experienced team to undertake door-to-door promotion of LocalGO and personalised travel planning.

  • Marketing materials and campaign to promote LocalGO to residents and local groups.

Additional Services

LocalGO is managed by specialist sustainable transport consultancy, GO Travel Solutions. Scheme sponsors can save 10% off our additional consultancy services, including:


Facility design and promotion of active travel (walking and cycling).


Development of public transport links to enhance site accessibility and reduce car dependency.


Personalised travel planning for residential areas and employers.

Drive change

Creating the business case for electric vehicle integration through vehicle profiling and charging point consultancy.


Review of business travel including grey fleet, with a focus on cost and carbon reduction.


Workplace engagement in sustainable travel through surveys, events and campaigns.


Survey design, delivery and analysis including geographic information systems (GIS) mapping of trip making and transport networks.


Marketing and promotion of sustainable travel including events, social media and marketing campaigns.

To see case studies of projects undertaken in some of these areas visit:

To discuss any of the items outlined above or other requirements, get in touch by calling: 0330 024 56 65, emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or completing the enquiry form HERE.